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MedPharma Group manage Distributor networks on your behalf as well as offering storage and warehousing.

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Medical Device and Pharmaceutical companies

From our Headquarters and distribution facility in Barcelona, MedPharma Group provide Logistics and Warehousing Services for Medical and Pharmaceutical companies who need immediate turnaround on delivery of their products across Europe, upon request, 24/7.

We offer the following services:

• Warehousing & Distribution
• Monitoring stock levels
• Customer Support
• Customer Returns
• 24-hour turnaround to all European countries
• No customs delays

MedPharma Group have worked in 55 different countries internationally with extensive experience in Europe, The Americas, India, China and Australasia, working country by country, region by region or globally.

MedPharma Group manage Distributor network on your behalf as well as offering storage and warehousing.

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